Does cooking in a pressure cooker destroy nutrients

Pressure cooker destroys more anti-nutrients compared to boiling. However, it is safe to use and may preserve nutrients in foods than other cooking methods, says Andrew Weil who is a medical doctor specialized in nutrition and creator of the original anti-inflammatory diet as well.

Is cooking meat in a pressure cooker healthy?

When you use it for cooking meat-based dishes, it reduces unsaturated fat contents while keeping the iron in. while cooking foods like grains and legumes, a cooker makes it easy to digest. You won’t get any harmful chemicals stored in your foods while pressure cooking comparing to baking and grilling methods.

What are the disadvantages of pressure cooking?

Disadvantages of Pressure Cooking

  • Need some practice with pressure cooking.
  • It comes at an expensive price.
  • While cooking your food, you can’t check.
  • Can’t adjust the flavor during cooking.
  • Can only cook limited types of dishes.

Still, It is a popular appliance for your kitchen.

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