6 Most Effective Hand Sanitizers and Hand Wipes

Hand Sanitizers are very important to keep our hand germ free. It is the best option on the go. When it is about our health, we always have to choose the best hand sanitizer for our family. Due to the coronavirus pandemic situation, people need to take as many precautions as possible to fight coronavirus and other viruses out there. Here we will look at some best hand sanitizers in the market. Among them, Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer is the best.

Best Hand Sanitizers Review 2020

We only highlighted the best Hand Sanitizers in our product reviews. The pros and cons are listed along with all of their details. There is also a buying guide that will help you go through the important features to look for in a Hand Sanitizer. Finally, there is a frequently asked questions section to give you an even more clear idea about this Hand Sanitizers.

1. Artnaturals Hand Sanitizers – Best Natural one

Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer Mega Size – 1 Gallon x 128 Fl Oz / 3785ml
If you are looking for a big gallon of hand sanitizer, you can check this one. It contains 62.5% ETHYL alcohol which is very effective in killing germs. A must-have for cold & flu season to stop the spread of illness-causing germs.

This is the best natural hand sanitizer in the market right now and it kills 99% of germs. It also includes Vitamin E and jojoba oil. It has aloe vera gel which will let your hand feel soft. Natural ingredients inside it will help to moisturize your skin. Everyone can use the Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer, including kids. It is gentle and won’t irritate sensitive skin. If you are someone who works outside, this is an all-purpose hand sanitizer that will be right perfect for your desk. The cost of hand sanitizer vary. However, Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer’s price is a bit higher than another sanitizer in the market. But it is worth the price.

✅ Moisturizes skin and feel soft.❎ Price is high.
✅ Multiple pack options.
✅ Scent-free.

2. Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer – Best For Kids

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer is the best Kids Hand gel / Kids hand sanitizer in the market. It is also affordable, organic, and safe for kids and adults. The Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer is alcohol-free and also natural hand sanitizers that uses plant-derived ingredients. This hand sanitizer can use multiple times a day. Your hands will not be drying out but it can take a bit longer to dry on your hands. When teaching kids how to use it, tell them to not dry their hands on their clothes after using it. Babyganics also have Babyganics face hand baby wipes.

✅ Attractive design of the bottle for kids.❎ Foam takes longer to dry.
✅ Multiple pack options.
✅ Easy to use.

3. Mountain Falls Advanced Hand Sanitizer  – Best Value

The Mountain Falls Advanced Original Hand Sanitizer kills more than 99.99% germs and bacteria. It is effective both at home or on the job. It is more cost-effective and bulk in size. Not only is this product cheaper than some of the better-known brands, but you also get SO MUCH! You could technically pour the sanitizer into a smaller bottle, but it is so convenient that each has a good pump. This is one of the best Hand sanitizers with reasonable prices in big size bottles for full family, office or school to use and it will last for years.  The value is great and you will definitely purchase again.  The smell of alcohol is quite strong but goes away quickly. Great value for the price.

✅ Natural and organic.❎ cheap plastic containers.
✅ Affordable price.
✅ Big bottles

4. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel – Most Effective

Purell is the absolute BEST hand sanitizer on the market. It is great for the flu season to keep the germs away. Also good for everyday use. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive hand sanitizer. But it does the job as they say it will. There are little moisturizing capabilities of this product, so it will dry your hands out! It is not alcohol-free and it has 70% alcohol in hand sanitizer. Some people do not like alcohol in hand. However, this hand sanitizer is very effective against many germs. It is unscented but it smells like sanitizer.

✅ Works fast and efficiently.❎ Dry your hands out.
✅ Affordable price.❎ Not alcohol free.

5. EO Hand Cleansing Natural Fiber Wipes – Best Natural Sanitizer Wipes

EO Hand Cleansing Natural Fiber Wipes keep you safe and clean when you’re on the go. They are made from bamboo cloth that is actually biodegradable and the container itself is recyclable. So, if you’re worried about the environmental impact of single-use products, you do not have to worry about this one. EO Hand Cleansing Natural Fiber Wipes have a lavender scent. You will not feel dry hands with these sanitizing wipes. However, the wipes can become dried out. If this happens, add a bit of water to the container. The antibacterial properties will still exist, so no worries. This is the best wipe hands cleaner in the market which is organic.

✅ Cloths are biodegradable and container is recyclable.❎ Wipes dry out fast.
✅ Plenty of wipes in one container.
✅ Beautiful lavender scent.

6. PURA D’OR Hand Sanitizer Gel – Best Travel Size Sanitizer

If you love traveling, PURA D’OR Hand Sanitizer Gel is just 16oz size and perfect for travel. When you’re stuck on board for a long tour, it can start to feel like germs are crawling around. To stop feeling like this and stay safe, use the PURA D’OR LEMONGRASS Scent Hand Sanitizer Gel. The PURA D’OR Hand Sanitizer Gel pump makes cleaning hands easy, and fast. Whether in the car, at work, or on-the-go outdoors. Stay healthy and use as often as needed; Whenever, Wherever. Simply pump the sanitizing Gel on the surface you are using, mostly bathroom door and in your hand. Wait a few seconds, and you are ready to go. It has a strong LEMONGRASS Scent.

✅ 70% ALCOHOL BASED FORMULA KILLS 99% GERMS.❎ Strong odor or smell.
✅ Pump makes cleaning hands easy
✅ Works efficiently.

Buyers guide

Hand Sanitizer kills the germs in our hands when we use it. It is important to use hand sanitizer to stay healthy and safe. However, there are a lot of options on the market when it comes to hand sanitizers. we’ve put together this buying guide for you to navigate in the right direction.

Importance of hand sanitizer

Viruses and germs are everywhere, Some float in the air and some live on surfaces. Some viruses can live on surfaces for hours or days and in our daily life work, we touch those surfaces many times. Having hand sanitizer available and using it means throughout the day it will boost your cleanliness and your health.

Hand sanitizer ingredients

It is always important to know which ingredients are used in your sanitizer. Alcohol kills most of the germs. But there are other ingredients that are antibacterial.
For example, Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer has jojoba oil. EO Hand Cleansing Natural Fiber Wipes has lavender and organic.


How to use hand sanitizer ?

When using hand sanitizer, apply the liquid to the palm of one hand, then rub the liquid gel all over the surfaces of your hands for 20 seconds or rub until your hands are dry. But it is recommended to wash your hand with soap and water when you are at home. It is more effective against the germ. Use hand sanitizer only if soap and water are not available. It might kill the germ but it will not remove harmful chemicals or heavy metals from your hand.

Our Verdict

If you want to be safe from germs and viruses, you have to find the best hand sanitizer in the market. Our top choice is the Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer. Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer is a natural hand sanitizer and it will not dry out your hands. Because of its aloe-vera ingredients.

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer is highly recommended for kids. It is the safest and alcohol-free Kids hand sanitizer.

Mountain Falls Advanced Hand Sanitizer is a great value for hand sanitizer. Just as good as any other brand, and a fraction of the price. Note the size of the bottles. They are quite large and will last a while.

However, it is also wise to keep The biodegradable EO Hand Cleansing Natural Fiber Wipes with you or in your car. To keep your hand and other surfaces clean.

Stay Safe. Stay Clean.

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