Best Energy-Saving Solar Window Film for your Smart Home

Solar window film is invented to improve indoor comfort and save furniture from excessive sun heat. Basically, solar window films are thin layers of plastics or polymers that are applied to the existing window to prevent heat or lights. Sometimes it’s also used for privacy purposes. According to the International Window Film Association, in case of high-rise buildings or building situated in warmer climates or single-paned glass houses window films generates return-on-investment situation.

The tension lines on the forehead about the duration of solar window films can vanish now because it is said that, once it has been installed professionally it can be last more than 20 years. So it is worth, to spend some money and time for the installation of solar window films.

Why use solar window film?

One of the most important features of the solar window film is, it prevents ultraviolet rays from coming into your rooms. With the adaptation of high-quality window film, up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays can be avoided which causes fading the furniture and carpets, heating up indoor space.

Another unique feature of solar window films is that has the ability to absorbing and re-directing infrared heat from the sun which helps to keep the rooms warmer during the winter season.

The cost of Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning can be solved with the installation of one solar film. Isn’t it amazing!

The benefit of solar window film

The blessing of solar window films is countless. Unlike the traditional ‘smoky’ tint style used in past, new solar window films are now available in a clear form that won’t block the outside views or darken the rooms. This form is so clear that it is impossible to notice by the casual observer but yet it protects your belongings and also reduces the energy cost.

However, for the privacy issue, if you want to prevent the outsiders from gazing inside your home, solar window film is also available in tint style too.

Top 4 Solar Window Films

VELIMAX Blackout Window Film

People who need to sleep daytime especially shift workers and babies or toddlers who face problems falling sleep due to sunlight, VELIMAX Blackout Window Film is here to solve the problem. The VELIMAX Blackout Window Film is static cling, made with vinyl material, and non-adhesive can be easily applied to the window glass and it is also easy to remove. The most unique feature of VELIMAX Blackout Window Film is, it provides comprehensive two-way privacy.     

Dark mood:

People who require dark rooms during the daytime particularly for shift workers VELIMAX Blackout Window Film is an ideal tool for them. This film prevents at least 99 percent of sunlight.

Preventing heat:

The VELIMAX Blackout Window Film not only blocks the UV rays but also control excess heat and glare, it saves the interiors from getting fade.


Those who adore keeping privacy VELIMAX Blackout Window Film is the best tool for them. Because it gives tow way privacy which is not available in most of the other tinting films.


The material of the VELIMAX Blackout Window Film is very environmentally friendly. It is non-adhesive and static cling which does not require extra glue to apply the film on the window. The main ingredient of the film is soapy water.


The film should be applied to the smooth glass. It can be only used on single panes of glass or on modern double-glazed units made of toughened glass.


It can be cut into different shapes so any shapes on the window can be covered by the VELIMAX Blackout Window Film.


Another benefit of VELIMAX Blackout Window Film is it can be removed and reuse later whenever it is needed. Glue free design gives the facility to apply and remove it easily. Just put it out, roll up, keep it in a safe place, and reuse it whenever you want it again. The average lifetime of 3 years!

With all the features describes the benefits of the VELIMAX Blackout Window Film it can be said that whenever you plan to purchase tinting films make sure you consider VELIMAX Blackout Window Film at first. Make the best use of your money through the adoption of the film at your house.

Gila Privacy Mirror Adhesive Residential DIY

For those who are looking for something that can give you privacy as well as helps to reduce excessive heat in the summer, here presents Gila Privacy Mirror Window Film. The basic feature of this film to preventing heat from entering your house. The plus point of the films is to give privacy during day time. The film contains advanced technology and highly-reflective material on the exterior which generates greater privacy in the daytime while maintaining the outside view. The Gila Privacy Mirror Window Film not only for the privacy purpose but also for forbidding heat to enter into the house reflects of ultraviolets rays and reduces glare for providing comfort inside the house.      


daytime privacy can be ensured by the installation of Gila Privacy Mirror Window Film.


Gila Privacy Mirror Window Film is effective enough to prevent up to 79 percent of solar energy.

Interior protections:

the film can block up to 99 percent of UV rays which is harmful to the furniture, carpets, etc. So to extend the lifetime and to save the interior from fading adoption of the Gila Privacy Mirror Window Film is a smart decision.

Easy to install:

Gila Privacy Mirror Window Film is very easy to install. Most of the time it does not requires any professionals to install it, the owner can simply apply the films on the window by himself/herself.

Weight: The weight of the films is not very heavy to carry, 1.19 pounds.


Gila Privacy Mirror Window Film helps to reduce up to 82 percent of glare.


Most of the time purchaser ask that same old question if it is easily removable like easy installation? The answer is, Yes. Just need a razor blade to get a corner up and it peels right off. 

Every product has pros and cons, so does Gila Privacy Mirror Window Film, the most common problem faced by the users is night time privacy, most of the consumers think that this film also provides night time privacy as daytime. But the truth is, it only gives privacy at daytime. On the other hand, if you start to count the positive points, you can see this film is worth of spending money and time. From blocking heat to generating privacy all the features are exclusive and worthy. The customer satisfaction level is so high that it already rated 5 out of 5.

HIDBEA One-Way Window Film

If your room is facing the sun when it’s rising or setting. And if you looking for a film that prevents heat during summer? A film that also blocks the UV rays? Then we suggest you to consider the HIDBEA One-Way Window Film.

Advanced UV ray prevention:

To protect the eye, skin health HIDBEA One-Way Window Film is necessary to install. It is an anti-glare window film which is designed to prevent harmful UV rays which may affect skin, eye and energy savings for intense summers and year-round coverage.


HIDBEA One-Way Window Film helps to maintain your privacy during the daytime only. When the inside light is stronger than outside at night, the film cannot provide privacy. So it is necessary to use drapes at night.

After sale service:

Whenever customers need us even if it’s after sale situation, we are here to answers your queries. Any kind of consultancy regard to the window film purchased from us will be provided.

Easy apply & remove:

HIDBEA One-Way Window Film is easy to apply due to the static cling which does not require any extra glue or other adhesives. The removal procedure is as easy as the application process. 


HIDBEA One-Way Window Film can be used in the living room, waiting room, bathroom, enclosed porches. The film is applicable not only at the house but also in offices, different vehicles too.

 Apply procedure:

The key ingredient for apply HIDBEA One-Way Window Film is the soapy water. The first step to applying the film to tear off the productive film. (NOTE- use tape on the film’s corner to peel off the clear backing from the film). After that need to spray a lot of soapy water on the glass and on the film, the more water the best result, and scrape all the bubbles out with a squeegee. Finally, cut the film for the required size of the window, pick up a corner at the edge, spray again and paste, and scrape the bubble.

WPCTEV Solar Window Film

Windows are an essential part of a house. But the house that is located in warmer areas or faced where direct sunlight appeared makes the environment much hotter which may cause eye and skin issues, fading the interiors. So to reduce the cooling cost and also provide privacy WPCTEV is one of the best solutions.

Heat control:

WPCTEV applied on a one-way window can blocks up to 90 percent of infrared rays and UV rays almost 85 percent! Not only that, but it can also retain heat in winter and keep it out in summer which will help to reduce the cost for both heating and cooling up to 30 percent. 15 percent of VLT helps reduce glare effectively. 


WPCTEV can be installed easily on flat glass because of its static cling feature. It can be used on any window, sliding door, balcony for protecting the glass from damage. 

Privacy issue:

WPCTEV works as a curtain in the daytime. So the privacy safely maintains only in the daytime but you need a real curtain at night.


WPCTEV helps to block glare and UV rays which may damage your interior, fading them. With the use of the film, you can prevent the premature loss of furniture.

Decorative look:

You can improve the appearance of your building or rooms by adding designers look to the exterior by applying WPCTEV. The window film with different colors can provide multiple choices to enable you to enjoy sunlight without compromising your indoor privacy during the daytime. Our window glass film is dedicated to bringing more comfort and daytime privacy into the home.

Cost reduction:

WPCTEV helps to reduce the cost of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer simultaneously. So, you can say the window film is a bit of a money saver.

After sale service:

30 days return policy is ensuring by the seller. Any questions regarding the film are always welcomed.


WPCTEV has a thickness of 6 mils it has excellent thermal insulation effect, with an anti-scratch layer on the surface, friction resisting, won’t fade nor blister, easy to remove, economical and practical.

Static cling with no adhesiveness:

No extra glue is needed for the installation of the film. The WPCTEV has a static cling feature which helps to stick on the window without any additional glue. The installation procedure is so easy that it does not require any professionals. DIY (Do It Yourself) method is used for the application of the film. Just make sure the window is clean and totally free from any blemishes. A lot of soapy water is essential for the application process. 


Above all the features indicates that WPCTEV solar window film has the quality to become a part of your house if you want to reduce summer heat, looking for privacy in the daytime, want to make your home more lucrative. A common question raised by the customers during the solar window film purchased that if the film can be applied on a dual-pane window. The answer is positive. You can use the film on a single pane or double pane whichever you want. Just install WPCTEV and enjoy the comfort of life.


What is the best heat blocking solar window film?

Comparing All the features with other solar window film indicate that WPCTEV has the quality to become a part of your house if you want to reduce summer heat, looking for privacy in the daytime, want to make your home more lucrative.

Does solar window film help reduce heat?

A unique feature of solar window films is that has the ability to absorbing and re-directing infrared heat from the sun which helps to keep the rooms warmer during the winter season. So, with the installation of window films, summer excessive heat and winter’s cold can be balanced. And thus, both summer and winter seasons can be enjoyable and comfortable.

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