Best Philips Air Fryers to Make Your Meals Healthier

Philips air fryer is a great home appliance for your kitchen. Since air frying requires less oil for frying, it is comparatively a healthier cooking method than deep frying. It is a trustworthy brand and the most selling air fryer-based units with a variety of models for your kitchen. We will talk about the best Philips air fryer in this article. The capacity, temperature range, and dimensions are crucial while reviewing. The capacity will measure the number of persons who will be fed by the specific model. The dimensions will measure the kitchen space the specific model needs to get fit in the kitchen. Moreover, the temperature range will measure the affordability of the specific model to cook the kinds of food according to your needs.

Top 5 Philips Air Fryers Review

To help you pick the best Philips air fryer model as per your needs we spent six hours going over the features, specifications, comparison, and customer reviews of various Philips air fryer models. Who are ready to buy a Philips air fryer, the discussions about the findings, and detailed reviews below are presented in such an organized way with a buying guide too will be beneficial.

Philips HD9741/99 (Overall Best)

Philips HD9741/99 Air Fryer

This Philips Airfryer has fat removal technology that reduces and captures excess fat. This means it makes the cooking process even healthier. Using this air fryer is the healthiest way to fry, using little or no added oil to fry your favorite food. It’s the only air fryer in the market with fat-removal technology. It can easily prepare meals for 4 people every day, which is good enough for one family. It has 2 pounds/3Qt capacity.
This model has a larger capacity while also focusing on the dimensions, so as to not take up too much space on your countertop. It has multi-cooking technology: Air fry, bake, grill, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and toast, all in one device. Moreover, It has rapid air technology, which means the unit generates superheated air quickly, resulting in a faster dinner time. This model creates less of a smell than other air fryers and has an easy-to-clean Quick Clean basket, which includes a removable non-stick mesh, and a coated drawer. These items are dishwasher safe for added convenience.

Philips HD9650/96 (Air Fryer with Extra Features)

The Twin TurboStar technology means healthier cooking by extracting even up to 90% fat which a smaller model can’t perform. The Disposal is easy as the fat and oil are captured in a fat reducer. This model comes with a digital interface and a touchscreen and also five preset modes as fish, frozen, fries, drumsticks, meat, and baking. You can serve your food whenever you want as it boasts of the QuckControl dial and the keep warm functionality. it provides more cooking methods, like baking, and also additional accessories since the XXL model is larger than our top model.
This model is a perfect match for a large family because the family size of this unit can fit an entire chicken or two bags of frozen fries. QuickClean, dishwasher safe basket, and drawer are the standards of this model. Advanced Rapid Heat technology helps to heat instantly which means preheating is unnecessary. This model can be preferred by cooks who want to try making baked stuff in the air fryer XXL baking master kit. The air fryer XXL grill master kit is to grow your grilling possibilities, the air fryer XXL party master kit is for cooking for a larger group of people as a family get-together or a simple party.

Philips HD9230/26 (Largest in size)

This model is best for a large family. It is also a space-saving design, which will easily fit into your countertop. A digital interface and a touchscreen provide full temperature range and control. It allows you to select the best temperature for your food without thinking about temperature limitations. The time control lets you run the unit for up to 60 minutes and a recipe booklet is included for those who want to try new recipes for baking, roasting, and grilling stuff. You can easily clean it and it is dishwasher safe and boasts of rapid air technology which lowers the smell of fried oils. It has optional accessories like the air fryer variety basket, air fryer grill pan, air fryer baking pan, and the air fryer double layer rack with skewers.

Philips HD9220/29 (Budget fryer)

This model is best for the cook who wants to experiment with more cooking possibilities. The compact design of this model will not lower any of the power of a larger model. It doesn’t need any preheating as it has the usual rapid air ability.
This model is set with a manual control knob. The manual dial offers flexible cooking settings in spite of not having any digital display or digital touch screen like other pricier and larger models and it is also cost-saving. It is dishwasher safe, has an automatic shut-off, and has time control of up to 30 minutes. Cord storage, non-stick feet, and quick clean capabilities are the extra features of this model. This model also boasts some useful accessories such as a stainless-steel lid, an air fryer grill pan, a food separator, an air fryer double layer rack with skewers, an air fryer baking pan, and an air fryer variety basket. Those who want to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle can have the access to try Noom’s healthy weight program for free by purchasing this Philips air fryer model.

Philips HD9621/96 (Small in size)

This model is best for small families and regular use. It would be a great recommendation for college-going students looking for simple and easy methods of cooking foods like frozen French fries, fish sticks, and fried chicken. Philips TurboStar technology lets you fry foods using lesser oil. It doesn’t need any preheating and rotting flipping because the air circulates around the food and the food gets cooked perfectly.

This model is more flexible than a digital model as it has manual control. It has the main features like dishwasher safe, automatic shut-off, and time control of up to 30 minutes, and others are cord storage, non-stick feet, quick clean capabilities, and each unit is shipped with a helpful recipe booklet which will be beneficial to those who are new to air fryers or looking for some new recipes to try. It also has some optional accessories like a stainless-steel lid and an air fryer grill pan.

Air Fryer Buying Guide

Every living person wants to cook food on a regular basis or occasionally at some point in time. And choosing the right appliance can make this cooking method easier and simpler. Air fryers are getting popular day by day as it can fry, grill and bake. A useful guideline for buying the best Philips air fryer as per your needs is given below.

Why buy a Philips air fryer?

Philips is one of the most trustworthy brands around the world. It is the number one air fryer manufacturer in the world based on sales. Many consumers choose this brand only by the names of other brands. The air fryer uses superheating air instead of oil for frying foods and it is popular among consumers for this reason. Frying in the air instead of frying in oil makes the cooking method much healthier and still, it provides you with crispy, crunchy fried foods like chicken and French fries. The air fryer can remove up to 90% of the fat from the food depending on the model thus it can make the meals healthier for those who want to have fried foods without worrying about weight gain. It comes with a variety of dimensions.
There are many models with additional, optional accessories like double racks. Grilling and baking accessories are the bonus features for a variety of food cooking. The Philips air fryer can be the best air fryer to choose from that can fulfill all your cooking needs. You can select the right Philips air fryer after considering the following qualities.

Cooking Capacity

You have to consider the capacity of a Philips air fryer significantly before purchasing it. You have to see if the air fryer can be able to cook the right amount of food for yourself or your family. You should find an air fryer that can cook all the fried chicken you need while serving fried chicken to your family or friends. Otherwise, you will need to think about buying another model. You will need to buy a larger model if you cook for more than one person or a family.

The wattage of an air fryer

The wattage of an air fryer is vital in a case where you should make sure that you are using the correct outlet for plugging into the air fryer which supports the watt consumption of your air fryer. You should buy an air fryer with a wattage that goes with your home otherwise, it can’t perform its full capabilities if the fryer is more powerful than your outlet. The power of an air fryer is measured by the wattage it consumes.

The more powerful the air fryer, the more temperature it will reach and will heat quickly. Most Philips air fryer has the standard 1425 wattage that fulfills the most needs. For cooking a lot of frozen foods, like fish sticks or French fries, you can select a high-wattage model such as Philips HD9650/96. It will save your cooking time while fulfilling your needs if your outlets can support the 1725 watts.

Temperature Settings

Temperature range is a vital feature to consider for baking and grilling. Many air fryer recipes have very specific temperature settings for cooking the food perfectly which includes the recipes in the Philips air fryer recipe book and app. The digital touchscreen models can be used in any temperature range that you want to set for cooking. Who want to cook in simpler ways, models with digital interfaces like Philips HD9641/96 which comes with preset temperature ranges are the perfect ones to pick.

Timer Setting

The timer is a feature that should be considered if you want to pre-set your cooking times on air fryers. The timer will alert you when the food is cooked and ready to serve as it has an auto-off function including a “ready” sound indicator after you set your cooking time. Most Philips air fryers have a standard 30-minute timer but the Philips HD9230/26, the Philips HD9650/96, and the Philips HD9641/96  have a 60 minutes timer that offers more timing and cooking options capabilities for you if you need more options.


The dimensions of the Philips air fryer are the feature that will help you to pick the correct model according to your needs and space. Larger isn’t always the last thing you want, the larger units have higher watts. You won’t need a larger unit if you are cooking for fewer people. You can pick the Philips HD9220/29 model, which is a budget pick and a great beginner air fryer when you are looking for a middle-sized model.


All the Philips air fryers have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty but hopefully, you won’t need to worry about the warranty unless accidents happen or you use it in a rough way. The warranty will extend an additional six months if you register your air fryer while purchasing it. The additional six months of warranty will come after registering your product and it is important as air fryers have a variety of components like interfaces, temperature controls, heating, and cooling elements, etc. The warranty will ensure the repair and even replacement of your air fryer if needed.

More features

Extra features will be considered when you are looking forward to using the Philips air fryer to the fullest. This feature includes cord storage capabilities, non-slip feet, and nonstick coatings on the baskets and drawers, which are also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean after use. The Philips HD9230/26 comes with some optional accessories and is not too large to take up space compared to the increased size of the Philips HD9650/96 model.

Philips Air Fryers Maintenance

All the Philips Air Fryers models are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning and caring much simpler.  Inserting a small piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of the basket will save you from cleaning it even less. You can just simply throw away the foil after finishing cooking and just spot-clean it. You won’t mostly need to clean the heating element in the bottom unless you spill something on it is also not that complicated. You will just need to unplug and cool the unit before rubbing a damp rag on the heating element until clean. You can clean the rest of the unit with a damp rag if needed. The air fryer will remain nice looking and new for many years as the smooth plastic casing makes the cleaning easier.


Do I need to add oil to my meals whatsoever?

You need to add some oil to make your food crispy even though air fryers are said to be oil-less frying devices. But the portion of oil is much lesser than you need in your frying pan.

Which dishes can I make with Philips air fryers?

You can cook a variety of recipes using Philips air fryers. You can make fried chicken and French fries as well as vegetables, fish, and other meats in air fryers. You can easily grill meat and veggies using a skewer in the air fryer which comes as an optional accessory. You can even bake stuff like pizza.  You can warm your food by using the Philips air fryer. And the reheated food by air frying won’t get soggy like reheating in a microwave often does.

Are such appliances more energy-efficient than ovens?

Philips air fryers can cook in lesser time and save energy than an oven as it uses superheated air to cook the food. You can save more energy by choosing smaller wattage models as the size do matter in energy consumption. The larger size of models uses larger wattage and also more energy.


You can get a healthier lifestyle by consuming less oil and cooking food quickly by using Philips Air Fryers. Though the objectives of an air fryer are almost the same, we will suggest you some Philips air fryer models. The Philips HD9741/99 is the best-rated Philips air fryer that comes with fat-removal technology that reduces and captures excess fat. Also, it has multi-cooking technology and it is easy to use. This means it makes the cooking process even healthier.

The Philips HD9650/96 is for those who want a larger model that is able to hold up to four pounds and cook six portions of food including a whole chicken or two bags of frozen French fries. It also owns a 60-minute timer, a digital interface, and a variety of cooking methods. The Philips HD9220/29 model is the best for those who want a smaller model. It won’t take up too much space and it is also a budget pick and a great choice for beginners or experienced users.

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