How to Choose the Best Comfortable Mattress for use

There are lots of factors when choosing a mattress. Some important factors are type, density, quality, etc.

Types of Mattress:

There are three types of mattresses.

1.Bladder :

These mattresses are waterproof, which is perfect for children and adults who have difficulty with bladder control. Bladder mattresses can be made of water or air.

2. Innerspring :

Spring mattress contains a Bonnell springs system that is wrapped in fabric. This brings in features that are a plus such as durability, pressure relief, firmness, etc.   

3. Foam :

Foam relies on air trapped with aerated substances which allow it to come in three forms that allow varieties of selection.

There are different densities in foam mattresses.


Mattress density is another important factor. There are three types of density High density, medium density, and low density of the foam. In density, the difference is the more weight contained per cubic foot, the higher the density.

Mattress DensityWeight per Cubic FootBest For
Low2-3 poundsLighter bodied. The low-density foam means softer and allows the body to use for Side and back sleepers.
Medium3-5 poundsAverage bodies. Medium soft mattress for Side, back, and stomach sleepers.
High5-10 poundsHeavier bodies. High-density foam means hard mattress, which is suitable for the Stomach, back, and side sleepers.

Most importantly measure the exact size of your bed properly to ensure that the selected mattress fits perfectly. Also, consider your height to choose what must be the best alternative for your bed.  You got to be within the range of your budget and also compare the features before selecting one. Testing the softness is advisable. Sit or lie for a minute to test the comfort of that mattress, see how it supports your body, and check how it does weight distribution hence resting body.

Types of Sleeper:

You also have to know which type of sleeper you are.

Front sleepers-

This means you look into “comfort” alone in terms of not allowing the spine and neck to stay in alignment.

Side sleepers-

The best position for testing is either in fontal or straight-legged hence able to check that your spine and neck stay in alignment, best done with the help of someone taking a photo while lying in a preferred position.

Back sleepers-

The most important thing to look into is that it isn’t too hard or too soft. Therefore, lie on your back and slide your hand under the small of your back if it’s easy to get your hand under or too hard then it is not suitable for you. The best it should be mildly difficult to get it under.

Availability and warranty

Also, check on the availability, conditions, and warranty of the mattress. The warranties can either be written: repair or replacement as long as a certain condition is met and not protected by law or implied which is protected by law and has its fundamental components both apply and work depending on its brand.  


Finally, check all the important factors and do not forget to spend more as this is a long-term investment for your health & well-being. Choose the right one for your smart home and lead a healthy life.

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