Mini Root Assassin Shovel Review: Mini shovel for gardening

Mini Root Assassin Shovel is best for a small garden. But also good for the big ones. This shovel’s two edges has a pointed blade and sharp teeth. Root Assassin Is very innovative with their gardening tools. It is the mini version of the original shovel which is 48 inches. The mini version is only 32 inches. Everything else is the same on this shovel except for the price difference. Check our Mini Root Assassin shovel Review here.

Mini root assassin shovel Specs:

  • Length: 32 inches long
  • Blade length: 11-1/4 inches
  • Tooth count: 16 per side
  • Blade material: 14-gauge steel
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Mini root assassin shovel Features

  • This mini shovel patented all-purpose garden shovel & saw.
  • Forward turned-step for secure foot placement.
  • Shovel handle has Comfort D-grip made of rubber and polycarbonate for more leverage and control.
  • Angled teeth work like a saw blade.
  • The serrated teeth and double-layered blades easily slice through roots and other objects.
  • Great for metal detecting.
  • Curved tip and covered in a sleek silver powder coating.

Benefits of Mini Serrated Gardening Shovel – Perfect for Smaller Gardening Jobs

Sometimes smaller is better! There are more benefits of a mini serrated gardening shovel than the regular one. Mini root assassin is small but handier. It is a perfect shovel for roof gardening or in tight-fitting spaces. In addition, It is also ideal to use for average people and children. Mini Root Assassin Shovel is only 32”. So if you are 5 feet to 6 feet can easily reach the step to use the bodyweight for digging in the garden space. It is so small that you can keep it in your car. Therefore, you can use it as a mini snow shovel for the car.

Light-Weight Mini Shovel – Smallest mini shovel

Root Assassin mini garden shovel is a lightweight one, but that does not mean it is not strong. It is a D-grip made of rubber, polycarbonate, and industrial-grade steel. In addition, The bottom part has serrated teeth with a curved tip, which means it cut roots both when pulled up and pushed down. A perfect shovel for digging and cleaning the garden.

Mini shovel’s Warranty

Root Assassin will replace the shovel free of charge for life. Above all, If not satisfied with the purchase, Root assassin shovel has a lifetime warranty. This means you can replace the shovel for free of charge. However, they have no refund policy. But, you can also exchange it for another product of them if you do not like the shovel.

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