Tricks For The Vegan Baker

Vegan baking has gained significant popularity due to the increasing awareness of environmental, ethical, and moral considerations surrounding a plant-based lifestyle. The core principle of vegan baking involves avoiding all animal-derived ingredients like eggs, dairy, and gelatin. Instead, bakers utilize suitable plant-based substitutes to fulfill similar functions in recipes. In reality, vegan baking is not drastically different from traditional baking; it’s about comprehending the science behind baking and making appropriate ingredient replacements. While certain recipes may pose challenges to becoming vegan, many can be easily adapted using popular vegan products like Country Crock Plant Butter and Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer. Whether you’re an experienced home cook or new to vegan baking, here are some valuable tips to embark on the journey of plant-based baking with confidence.

here are 20 tricks for the vegan baker:

  1. Egg Replacers: Experiment with flaxseed or chia seed mixtures, applesauce, mashed bananas, or aquafaba as egg substitutes in different recipes.
  2. Dairy Alternatives: Use coconut oil, non-dairy margarine, almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk as dairy replacements for rich and creamy textures.
  3. Natural Sweeteners: Opt for agave syrup, maple syrup, or date syrup as healthier alternatives to refined sugar.
  4. Nut Butters: Incorporate peanut or almond butter into recipes for added flavor and richness.
  5. Coconut Cream: Chill canned coconut milk and use the solidified cream as a decadent whipped cream substitute.
  6. Lemon Juice or Vinegar: Combine with non-dairy milk to create buttermilk for certain recipes.
  7. Silken Tofu: Blend silken tofu into creamy desserts like cheesecakes for a velvety texture.
  8. Applesauce for Moisture: Use applesauce to add moisture to cakes and muffins while reducing the need for oil.
  9. Baking Powder and Baking Soda: Master the right balance of these leaveners to achieve proper rising in your baked goods.
  10. Aquafaba Whipped Cream: Whip aquafaba with sugar to create a light and fluffy vegan whipped cream.
  11. Vegan Frostings: Experiment with coconut cream-based frostings or vegan buttercream for delightful cake toppings.
  12. Almond Flour and Coconut Flour: Explore gluten-free alternatives for added flavor and texture in your baked goods.
  13. Oat Flour: Grind oats into flour for a hearty and nutritious addition to cookies and pancakes.
  14. Nut Milk Yogurt: Make your own vegan yogurt using nut milk and probiotics for tangy flavor and added health benefits.
  15. Flavored Extracts: Enhance the taste of your treats with vanilla, almond, or citrus extracts.
  16. Fruit Purees: Blend ripe fruits like bananas or avocados into the batter for natural sweetness and moisture.
  17. Vegan Cheese: Use plant-based cheese alternatives in savory recipes like vegan lasagna or stuffed mushrooms.
  18. Soy Protein: Incorporate soy protein isolate or tofu in some recipes to boost protein content.
  19. Zucchini and Carrots: Grate zucchini or carrots into cakes or muffins for added nutrients and moisture.
  20. Edible Flowers and Fruits: Decorate your baked goods with edible flowers or fresh fruits for a stunning presentation.

With these tricks, your vegan baking skills will soar, and you’ll be able to create a wide range of delicious and cruelty-free treats!

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